Main project points

Company profile

  • Operates in the B2B media field,
    produces video content and events
  • Implements more than 300 projects a year (current and planned annual growth exceeds 100%)
  • International expansion planned
  • 8 employees, more than 50 external collaborators


  • Prague, Czech Republic

Implementation solutions

    • Native mobile applications
    • Different language versions
    • Salesforce1 platform
    • Milestones PM+ for project management

Implementation time

  • 5 months

Business benefits

  • Obsolete tools replaced by a single system
  • Overview of all important data at a single place
  • Securing access, back-up and history preservation
  • Integration with other systems
  • Mobile applications and online information access
  • Preparation for future growth of foreign affiliates

Project details

  • Vigorous development
  • Project team of 3 Salesforce specialists
  • Instantaneous feedback between customers and the project team
  • Most effective use of Salesforce platform and applications
    for the connection to Gmail, project management and billing

Brave Media Mind

Through Salesforce Implementation Brave Media Mind Has Made Another Step towards Its International Growth

About the company

BRAVE MEDIA MIND operates in the B2B media creation field. It intends to grow internationally, therefore it has decided to leave its current in-house developed software for sales and project management.


All business activities and projects were conducted within in-house software development that was getting increasingly expensive for development and maintenance. In case of expansion to other countries there would be a problem with the preparation for a specific local environment. Another important criterion was to ensure higher security for personal and sensitive data, assuming that Brave Media Mind does not plan either to hire IT specialists or applications on premise in the future. The maximum emphasis was put on cloud solutions.

Project goals have been as follows: 

  • to replace the current system to the fullest extent possible as it was time-consuming for further development
  • to implement a simple business project within CRM
  • to prepare a system for use at an international level
  • to be able to monitor cash-flow and profitability for individual projects
  • to record external project costs and internal employee time load in production
  • to create simple reporting on weekly basis
  • to minimise data quantity entered by salesmen, records and reporting on salesmen activities (e-mails, telephones, meetings)
  • to manage projects effectively


Current systems have been replaced by into which project finance tracking, cash-flow planning and salesman activities tracking have been introduced in the first phase of implementation.

The goal was to create a solution that would provide fast information on the status of opportunities and projects and the outlook for the future. The emphasis was placed on simplicity and therefore on rapid training of all employees. An important requirement of Brave Media Mind was to integrate CRM into other systems, for example, interconnecting with Google Apps and other systems for contact acquisition.

An integral part was also mobile application configuration on the Salesforce1 platform.

As the company expects to grow internationally, the whole implementation is in English, taking into account the possibility of entering its own data in the language coding of a particular country.

Other functionalities will be implemented gradually.