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We co-operate closely with our clients on a requirements analysis and definition of anticipated business objectives, acquisition of new customers, introducing new products or costs savings. We are your strategic partner for developing reliable tailored software which meets your unique requirements.

We develop and tune applications, systems and websites, especially on a Java and JEE platforms. Customers particularly appreciate our quality and the fact that we keep to our deadlines and meet agreed requirements.

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Our work is


We are agile, and we couldn’t do it any other way. We use Scrum agile methodology to ensure high project success, closer co-operation with the customer and faster time-to-market.


Every development iteration is delivered on time and on budget. Our customers are part of the development cycle and can observe the actual status of the project with full transparency.


We measure quality through the satisfaction of our clients with the outcome of our work. As well as an error-free and integrated product tested at various levels, this in particular means meeting customer requirements.

Pavel Müller

technical director and joint proprietor

Java architect with technological vision and a sense for precision and quality.

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"Making software is like a team sport"

The method by which the team plays as a whole determines the outcome. You might have a whole group of individuals, but if they don’t work together and pursue a joint objective then your project won’t be successful. In software development, everyone has his role, but they should be able to contribute to the team and beyond its framework.


  • Java a JEE standards (JSP, EJB, JPA, servlets)
  • Spring Framework, Hibernate
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS
  • Unit tests, Mockito, Selenium
  • REST API, web services, microservices ESB
  • Apache Tomcat, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic
  • Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL and other databases

What we excel at


Before we begin developing a new application, it is essential to come up with a specific concept. This is what software analysis is for. A well performed analysis allows you to identify needs and risks in time and make the right decision.


When we develop software, the focus of our interest is on its future users. We want to know who they are, how they work, what tools they are missing. We watch them while working. In development, we apply design findings, ergonomics, design patterns and undertake tests in order to better grasp user requirements.


We develop software iteratively. This means the customer regularly receive a functioning application which they can test out, and on this basis come up with further requirements, or modify existing ones. Software development isn’t just about programming, it also depends on quality, expandability, performance and reliability. We perform quality checks over the whole course of development.


We don’t limit ourselves to just checking functionality; we also check the quality of source codes, user interfaces, architectures, and we even evaluate the analysis quality. We have integrated automated tests and mechanisms for error correction directly within the development process.


We operate applications, websites and integration for our customers. We provide a number of levels of user support, we undertake the development of existing solutions and optimise running of the systems. We use a proven IT operations methodology.

System Integration

Almost no software exists in isolation from the outside world, and communication is essential. We connect existing systems and applications within a larger solution. We use established integration platforms and open-source tools. We seek reliability, scalability and expandability.

Want to find out about the benefits of Salesforce for your company?


Visual Unity a.s.

Implementation of SF for a global sales team of 30 users with planned expansion to 50 users. AspectWorks continues to remain a supplier of consultancy services in the Salesforce and process automation fields.


Salesforce, Apex

I would highlight the hassle-free communication in terms of organising individual training courses, and the quality and high expertise of the teaching team. Participants have highly rated all training implemented. ING. JANA TOMÁNKOVÁ, CN RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL (CZ) A.S.  

CN Resources International (CZ) a.s.

Providing a series of approx. 20 courses for employees in various fields of IT.


Java, database, scripting, Linux, .Net

Home Credit a.s.

Preparation and configuration of software facilities to support newly emerging applications. Development of information monitoring software designed to monitor the status and accessibility of HW and SW for customers.


Java, JEE, JPA, Spring, Apache HTTPD, MySQL, CAS

Telefónica O2 Business Solutions, spol. s r. o

Co-operation in developing logistics monitoring software designed for state administration and large company customers.


Java, JEE, Swing, Hibernate, Spring, MS SQL

ČEZ ICT Services, a.s

Project management for critical internal projects. Significant cost savings in dealing with projects, shorting project timetables, implementing clear professional communication with supplier.


MS Sharepoint, IBM FileNet

From the references, I was expecting to be working with professionals. But I was pleasantly surprised by their personal approach and dedication. This was key for us in deploying Pavel Eichler JOINT PROPRIETOR, HITHIT, S.R.O.  

Hithit, s.r.o.

Development of a robust website in group financing. Successful development using Scrum methodology. The website supports numerous means of payment and has been subjected to comprehensive security tests.


JEE, Spring, MySQL, Tomcat, Social API, integration: Paypal, Braintree, PayU, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

ČSOB, a.s.

AspectWorks, s.r.o. is a strategic partner for ČSOB in the field of outsourcing Java specialists and delivering specialist training.


Java, J2EE, Spring

In terms of the supplier, true professionals were involved in our project who endeavoured to meet all our requirements, frequently even beyond the scope of the determined program. František Grunt HEAD OF IT DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, ACTIVE 24, S.R.O.

ACTIVE24, s.r.o.

Design and implement web apps replacing the current order system. New visual interface, modernisation of technology and integration within current systems supported by the order process.


Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate

We co-operated with AspectWorks developers in internet banking refactoring, where we exploited their knowledge of BPM processes. During their work they demonstrated an ability to quickly find their way around problems, deliver high quality implementation and successfully integrate within our team of developers. As such, we have decided to extend our co-operation for the development of further bank products. Ondřej Šňupárek HEAD OF IT DEVELOPMENT DIVISION, AIR BANK, A.S.  

Air Bank a.s.

Co-operation in internet banking refactoring and implementing BPM in the bank product request process. Co-operation in developing the mortgage product and developing the back-office system in the risk management field.


Activiti BPM, Spring, Hibernate, Wicket

Our projects are demanding and requires high skills on all parts of the software development process. AspectWorks has proven that they are able to work fast with complicated technical tasks. Trond Lindanger Project Manager, Yonc Technologies AS  

YONC Technologies AS

Cooperation on the development of the YONC product and related technologies. Performance optimization, deployment of the service on Amazon Cloud and operations for a great number of users around the world.


JEE, JProfiler, JMeter, Amazon Cloud

AspectWorks didn’t just maintain scope, funding and timing, but also exceeded our expectations substantially in terms of quality. Even requirements beyond the framework of the original job were implemented within the requested timeframe and quality, something I would like to thank all those involved in the project for so much. Jiří Spour HEAD OF LIFE INSURANCE SYSTEMS, IT DEVELOPMENT DISION  

Česká pojišťovna, a.s.

Preparing an environment for processing life insurance, preparations for implementing new architecture. Eliminating dependency on an outdated software platform.


Pervasive PSQL v10, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft .NET, Citrix

Hypoteční banka deals with sudden needs for programmers and designers for IT projects through the lease of specialists. I particularly appreciate AspectWorks’ speed and flexibility in their dealings and the quality of the specialists they provide. Petr Masopust, PROJECT MANAGER, Hypoteční banka, a.s.  

Hypoteční banka a.s.

Information system development, business analysis, software architecture and design, consultation and outsourcing of IT specialists. We helped the client improve the quality of its development and testing and facilitated the implementation of new technologies.


Java, JEE, Freemarker, Informix, JQuery