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We're seeking team members for these positions

We’re looking for team members for these positions

Our story

We got together in 2005 while working on a development project for a large company in Frankfurt. We had experienced large corporate as well as small company environments, set up a team of programmers and set out for Germany.

After a few months, we had successfully completed the project, and we returned to Prague and set about tailored software development. As a young company, we had to overcome many pitfalls. In 2008, however, a major Czech bank became one of our customers and this helped us and opened the door to other large projects.

Quality is our top priority. We are rational technicians carefully building up our company so that we can always be proud of our work. Join us and be a part of our growing team!


Pavel Müller / Norbert Nagy

Joint proprietors

We believe software can serve people better than it does today

We develop and implement modern solutions which allow our customers to improve and expand their services and make the lives of hundreds of thousands of people easier and more pleasant.


Colleagues's thoughts

Jakub Ferschmann

Senior Java developer

"We don’t do spaghetti code"

We don’t do spaghetti code. It is fairly easy to write something, and then not to adjust it. But to write something so it works and so anyone looking at it can understand it...


Jan Kopecký

Salesforce consultant / Team leader

"I love variety."

I love variety. I’m involved in projects from the sales phase until implementation. I work mostly as a technical consultant producing a demo, introducing...


Michal Vojtíšek

Architect / Team leader

"Building a bank system from scratch"

Building a system from scratch is the ideal for most programmers. They decide themselves what technologies they’re going to use ...


Why become one of us?

We only deliver high quality

We’re proud of our work. We focus unequivocally more on quality than quantity. We select carefully – both projects and people for our team.

We create a pleasant and friendly environment

We are a sixty-member company in which we accommodate each other. We are friends, we like to chill together. We’ll deal with any shortcomings without shouting at each other. We are a big ‘family’ and we enjoy spending time together outside of work too.

We are demanding of ourselves and work on ourselves continuously

We are building up the company carefully and for the long term. As such, we are demanding on ourselves and our colleagues in designing and implementing solutions. But we aim to create conditions such that we never stop enjoying working on ourselves.

We’re growing alongside great colleagues and bosses

Top experts work for AspectWorks; smart people. We all learn from each other and we are growing our professions and careers.

Contact person

Jana Danková

HR & Resource Manager

Fancy joining AspectWorks?

I always welcome it when potential future colleagues get in touch, whether by phone or e-mail. We’ll exchange the necessary information or arrange a meeting at which you will meet your boss, a few developers from the team and see the environment in which we work. I look forward to meeting you!